Friday, August 31, 2012

Gütermann Thread

I might have mentioned 'Gütermann thread' a couple of times in my past sewing posts. Now, I am no expert on sewing, neither am I a brand snob, but speaking from experience, ein guter Mann a Gütermann makes a difference. These Gütermann threads were gifted to me last year by a lovely friend. At that time, I didn't even realise threads had names to them, until I started visiting blogs of crafty women that sew... And lo and behold, I do have some in my possession and could "join the club".

The threads are much smoother and silkier to the touch. Just look at the sheen on the spool. Even my toy IKEA sewing machine had such a good time and didn't throw a fit (like it normally does) when working with this thread.

Sometimes, it's the tiniest details that make the difference; good thread equals happy sewing machine equals good crafting time. Thank you, Sandra!


  1. :-))) I use them for my tiny crochet stitches too ! Good quality indeed !
    Have fun sewing my dear.

  2. Replies
    1. They really do. Now that my thread collection is growing, it's now to see them out in a basket... I used to hide threads in a tin box.

    2. ... now ^nice^ to see ...

  3. Yeah I like this brand too! Usually more pricey but if I need to match to a specific colour, this is the brand I go to... :D You're right, very silky.


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