Friday, August 24, 2012

CD Diary: Elephants in Chitwan. 11 Jun Part 2.

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11 June 2012, Monday. By late morning, after seeing crocodiles and a man-eating tiger, we reached a part of Chitwan National Park that was closer to a 'field site' or 'flight area'. There was a wide open area of tall elephant grass, which was perfect (for landing).

And what a spot for elephants! And tourists!

We were met with many others, which proved to be really helpful when it came to transporting the bags. I got away free from the task :D

But I had to catch up!

And who knew we had to cross the stream on a boat? I was relieved to see a boat; I certainly did not want my boots to get drenched (that would take days and forever to dry).

I honestly thought they had forgotten about me...
The last to jump in, there still was enough space for me and the last bag.
DSC06332 DSC06335 DSC06336
Last to get in, first to get out :D

And then I was asked, 'Did you see what's behind you?'
Wow. I didn't even hear a sound.

And then we loaded up onto a truck and drove through the resort town...
DSC06338 DSC06339

Chitwan Paradise Hotel. We were to make it our base for two nights...

At this point, my dear friends, it was 11:00AM. The heat was indescribable; the locals remarked that it was unusually hot for summer in Nepal.

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  1. but ... you arrived in a little 'paradise' ;-)


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