Thursday, August 30, 2012

CD Diary: Double-lunched in Kathmandu. 14 Jun 2012.

DSC06675 DSC06678

14 June 2012, Thursday. After a lovely chia stop, we made another stop for an early lunch. We were getting closer to Kathmandu.


When we reached the city, we were brought to another restaurant for a meeting. Who knew it turned out to be another big lunch, at half-past 2.
DSC06681 DSC06684

Were we stuffed.

Then quickly, we were swept from the restaurant to the WWF's office in the city.DSC06687

From the morning's elephant ride to the 5-hour ride in the van, our feet barely took a hundred steps that day. And by evening, we were brought to a very nice hotel... As an excuse to stretch our legs and get some last-minute souvenir shopping (in the past weeks of travel, we never got to do any of that), we were fortunate to have a shopping street at the front of the hotel.

Close to shops' closing time, there was no time for bargaining. We all bought more than what we wanted, and I am sure there were a few happy shop owners that day. (Remember, there was no bargaining.)

Having double-lunched, there was no thought of dinner, but we did end up helping ourselves to the salad bar at the hotel's restaurant! This was our last night in Nepal and end of the Conservation Drones missions.
But not just yet, a meeting for the next morning just got squeezed in...


  1. How could you cope with all that food (I guess spicy too) in such a hot weather?! :/
    What did you buy? :)

    1. A really fine pashmina shawl, in natural undyed colour :)

  2. I really haven't been here since long... almost missed all your adventures!
    I scroll back and get a bit jealous... my traveller soul didn't get food since long...


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