Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CD Diary: DGFC ¦ Runaway Plane.

07 June 2012, Thursday. Our stay at Danau Girang Field Centre was for just one night; this Thursday was a long work day to get as much done as possible before departing in the evening.

So, an early start, it was. My belly was in much better shape.

7:14AM, we were off to the first site.
DSC06183DSC06185 DSC06189

7:31AM, it was show time.

It could have happened to the best among us. It was Mark.

It was a little trek through a dense forest patch, then we reached an open area.

8:11AM, the others set themselves up in the field while Mark and I waited by the side.

Not long after, Mark decided it was best he went back to the boat.

9:04AM, flights with the wing were done; then, it was time for the Conservation Drone.
(Photo taken by DFGC staff/member).
That was me trying to look interested.

9:46AM, it was a third flight with the plane. And off it went.

But the plane flew out of sight and never came back...
It was just as tired and worn-out as we were.

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