Thursday, August 16, 2012

CD Diary: DGFC ¦ Found. An Orangutan.

07 June 2012, Thursday. So the plane flew out of sight at 9:46AM.
We packed up our things and started heading towards a forest area where the plane could have crashed into. In the meantime, one of the girls made her way back to the boat to inform Mark about this.

Soon after, the girl returned to where we were, saying that Mark had seen the plane crash.
Great! (Great that the location was determined, not so great the plane crashed.)

10:23AM, we were all back on the boat and driven down the creek for a search-and-rescue.

The timing could not have been better; while Mark was cleaning the boat, out by the river, he heard a plane overhead, then noticed the motor stopping suddenly. To create a line of sight to the plane, Mark threw his parang into the mud bank.


10:24AM, the fuselage body of the plane was retrieved, but the wings were tangled high above.
If not for Mark, the plane would have been lost for good.

Back to the field centre it was.

10:41AM: Crocodile spotted.
(On the mud bank, to the right of that dead and exposed tree.)

While we were walking back to the field centre, I heard a rustling in the forest patch to my right.
But I could not stop to look...

Hubs and I were back in the library when a few minutes later, one of the girls came back to say that Serge (therefore "Friend S") was with an orangutan.

Of course I wanted to see an orangutan.
So I borrowed a girl's pair of slippers and went to the spot where Serge was, not too far from the pavement.
By the way, Serge's an expert on primates.

11:40AM: My first wild orangutan sighting.
It is what it is; lots of trees and branches in a rain forest.

There, a better view.
Not too bad for a little point-and-shoot camera with only a 3x zoom!

(The later half of this video has glimpses of Serge approaching for a better view.)

(This second video, the orangutan decided to play 'freeze'.)

11:47AM: Yay, I saw an orangutan.
(Photo taken by Serge.)

Not to bother the animal any longer, we headed back to the field centre for lunch that was served punctually at noon.


What a fantastic morning -- I needed 2 servings of lunch :D

  • Elephant - check (Sumatra), and check (Sabah)
  • Proboscis monkey - check
  • Hornbill - check
  • Crocodile - check
  • Orangutan - check


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