Monday, August 27, 2012

CD Diary: Demo Done. 12 Jun, Part 2.

12 June 2012, Tuesday. Back on the dug-out boat and making our way back to Chitwan Paradise Hotel...

I was envious of the elephant -- it could keep cool by dipping in the water.

Back on the pick-up trucks with the precious wares...

... and it was Round 2 with the VVIPs.

By noon, it was the much-deserved lunch. YUM.

Following that, with power outages and extreme heat, it was tempting for a siesta.
But that was not the case; theoretical training had to be carried out.
We were also informed of a change in plans. (Yet again.)

So, off we packed and loaded our things at quarter to 3...

... and made our one-hour's journey to Machan Wildlife Resort.

In case you were thinking that it was all comfort and style...

4:00PM, we made it back to Machan Wildlife Resort!
This was the spot where I saw the rhino lurking far, far away.
Nope, the rhino was not going to show up, as much as you willed it. Sorry.

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