Monday, August 27, 2012

CD Diary: Demo Day. 12 Jun, Part 1.


12 June 2012, Tuesday. It was D-Day, or Demonstration Day. We were informed the day before that there was to be a flight demonstration to Very Very Important People. Not something that was planned for prior to our visit to Nepal, but was dealt and handled without a hiccup...

There were regular wildlife-seeking footages to be made, on top of that. So in order to make full use of the day at the field site, we set off early, that morning:

Driving across the river and spotting gharials, people fishing in the water just metres away...

Ferrying ourselves and the planes across the stream...

Got excited over possible sightings of rhinoceros in a filmed flight footage...

With "wildlife" work done, it was show time to the VVIPs when they started arriving at around 10AM. DSC06443 DSC06437

Oh there were uniforms of all kinds. DSC06426

And everyone wanted a photo with a drone.
There was simply not enough shade for everyone. (Not that I could get a minute's off, anyway.)

In less than half an hour, the demo flight was done. Just as the plane landed, everyone rushed off like the wind. (The heat was that unbearable.) They were heading back to the stream and boat, and with only 1 dug-out boat to ferry so many, we had time to pack things up...

... and even catch a seat and continue sweating in the shade.
12.06.12 Perpetually swimming in our own sweat, showers are quite pointless.

Meanwhile, these gentle giants came passing by in their silence.
Elephants definitely do not stomp.

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