Friday, August 10, 2012

Behind the Scene: Strawberry Velvet bag

To offer customers more views, better close-ups, and a little description as to how the item was personally hand-made, this is a 'Behind the Scene' blog post :) I hope you'll enjoy! 

The colours of this 'Strawberry Velvet' bag makes me smile. It is so named because I am reminded of strawberry ice cream with gorgeous chunks of strawberry in it.

Photo credit:  Gelato di Natura 
Oh my. Do you agree?
But to be honest, creating this bag was not as easy and tasty as it looked.

Behind the scene:

Make it work?
A really random idea; I had this fake leather strap made some time ago.

Close-up of the weaving before I butchered it.

My fate with fuzzy velvet fabrics. This was thick at the ridges...
I have a love-hate relationship with velvet.

A 'Grr!' moment. Not a good start -- I thought I was doing well, but the fuzzy part moved under the machine's foot... That drove me insane.

So I put on some good music, re-threaded the machine with good G├╝termann, and started the line over again.

That worked.
It is important to not sew angry, or hungry :D And to have the proper music to work with.

I wanted something exciting to line the bag, so I chose this fake patchwork fabric.
It was a pillowcase.

There. All done.

This Strawberry Velvet is up for adoption in my Etsy store:


  1. Love this creation. The colours do remind if my strawberries in icecream!

  2. Such a lovely post, I love your blog¡¡
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others:


  3. Juanita Tortilla's IT bag!
    Like the Kelly and Birkin for Hermes, the 2.55 for Chanel, etc! :)
    Have a good weekend x


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