Saturday, August 18, 2012

Behind the Scene: Floral Blue

To offer customers more views, better close-ups, and a little description as to how the item was personally hand-made, this is a 'Behind the Scene' blog post :) I hope you'll enjoy!

Behind the Scene: Floral Blue

I was inspired to make a bag with clashing colours: the deep blue upholstery fabric caught my eye, and I thought it contrasted well with the black-and-white velvet. Snipping only a bit of the blue upholstery to create a 1-inch strap for loops, the remainder of the piece determined the size of the bag it was going to become.

Perhaps you remember the lot of upholstery swatches I once purchased...

To preserve the integrity of the floral fabric, I left it uncut. With a two-sided bag, you can decide if the floral pattern should be at the top, or bottom!
Floral Blue Floral Blue Floral Blue

The bag is available in my Etsy shop:

Which way would you fold this bag?
(Both ways look good to me. But maybe because I'm a very indecisive Libra.)

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  1. Both ways look good, that's true..maybe the one on the right most :)


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