Saturday, August 18, 2012

Behind the Scene: Corn Maize

To offer customers more views, better close-ups, and a little description as to how the item was personally hand-made, this is a 'Behind the Scene' blog post :) I hope you'll enjoy!

Behind the Scene: Corn Maize two-sided flip-top or fold-over bag

Keeping with the 2-sided, clashing fabrics theme, the yellow piece was the starting piece -- the contrasting dark chocolate fake leather fabric was cut to match its size. Also, this dark chocolate 'leather' was chosen because it complemented the brass elements of the adjustable strap I made earlier. For an element of fun, a yellow zipper was picked.
Another flip-as-you-wish bag!

Totally lacking in creativity with words and names, the word "corn" came to mind when I wanted to describe the yellow... And isn't the random shape of patterns fun?

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