Sunday, August 19, 2012

Maur, Greifensee 12.Aug.12

Maur is such a lovely place to live in.

This Summer, Hubs and I have been taking advantage of the good weather for our Sunday walks. Our route starts from Maur, of course, up towards Fällanden, going past Greifensee, and terminating at Niederuster to catch the shuttle boat "Heimat" back to Maur.

Last Sunday was a little different: as we were about to take a drink break by the water at Greifensee (the town), we saw the boat arriving. The timing could not have been better; we couldn't have made it in time for our shuttle further down in Niederuster. So we hopped on the David Herrliberger that brought us down to Niederuster, Mönchaltorf, and home to Maur.
A walk by the picturesque lake and a little boat tour. Great place.

Also, the Greifensee and its fleet of four:


  1. I agree with you, it's such a pretty and quiet place to live in!
    Have a good Sunday x

  2. the water looked so smooth !


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