Sunday, August 19, 2012

Levitating Man in Konstanz 11.Aug.12

11.Aug.12 11.Aug.12 Levitating man in Konstanz Levitating man 11.Aug.12 Levitating man in Konstanz Levitating man

OMG! A levitating man!
Looks unbelievable, doesn't it?
Hocus pocus? Too much yoga?

I do enjoy magic tricks -- the first few seconds of amazement that takes you out into the "unreal", but I always would like to know how it's been done, how I had been so easily fooled.
Now I don't care how much yoga a man can do to try to achieve this; it is physically impossible. (Not that I believe in hocus pocus, anyway.) What do you think?

First of all, that baggy robe is way too suspicious. What is he trying to hide?
What lies under the carpet?
What are we not allowed to see?

I may not be the best student in physics, but I have my own theory to demystify this:
Levitating Man. My theory.

Even though I could not sell The Hubs my magnetic theory completely, I felt I was on to something...

What are your thoughts?
Did I kill the magic for you?


  1. Actually I know how this is done (no, not magnetic)...but I am not telling ;)

    1. Yes, we found the solution too. Very much the same concept as a cat tree :D

  2. Ha ha! I'd say it's a weird place, after seeing the white fluffy dog and this monk performing..

  3. the stick he is holding has an extension that goes under his robe and
    there is a little place to sit on. :-)))


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