Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CD Diary: Terengganu, Malaysia (Day 3/4, part 2) - Crashed

01.Jun.12, Friday.
2:15PM -- No one saw it coming; the plane hit the emergent trees. With a little 'search and rescue' party, most of the plane was recovered.

Without a functioning plane, we packed up and headed to the nearest roadside eatery, to break for lunch.
The MEME* group was well-prepared and had pre-packed our lunches, in the morning.
We randomly selected from the food packets, and mine was nasi kampung. That was yum.
(*MEME -- Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants)
Fried chicken, fried omelette, fried anchovies, sambal, and curry / laksa leaves. Great combination.


(The roadside eatery.)

It was time to access the damage.

For the plane "surgery", some parts of a back-up plane were used.

And also a little bit of improvisation.

The plane definitely drew a lot of attention from the children of the eatery and truck drivers.
With the plane restored, it was loaded onto the truck at 4PM, and we were off to give it a test flight.
It worked alright, but it started to pour within minutes.

It was back to that hut, again, and we packed up for the day since the rain didn't let up.

Back at the resort, we had a choice to dine in or out, for dinner. Dining out meant driving a distance away.
My vote was clearly 'in'.

Later in the night, it was another casual teaching session at the lobby of the resort.
What you can't hear is the thunderstorm that went on through the night.

Our second and last night in Terengganu down; the next day was a hunt for replacement parts... In Kuala Lumpur.


  1. I think dining in was a smart choice. Mmm want some of that nasi kampong now.

  2. Oh that food looks so delicious. Its making me quite hungry right now. I am thoroughly enjoying your trip.

  3. Stop all these food photos! j/k ;)


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