Monday, July 30, 2012

CD Diary: Terengganu, Malaysia (Day 3/4, part 1) - Kenyir Lake

01.Jun.12, Friday -- Picture perfect view of Kenyir Lake from the resort we were so kindly put up by our host.

Having reached the resort late in the evening, the day before, this was the view we woke up to.
For another 'wow' moment, this lake is man-made -- little islands in the lake were once jungle hilltops.

Did we get to laze around and have a spa or suntan in the resort? Nope.
This may seem repetitive, but early in the day, we were taken to a field site.


It was a road that led to nowhere. Might have been an abandoned highway project.


It was that hot.

Time: 2:15PM.
Under the craziest heat, we were well-burnt toast.

At that point, I thought we were going to continue the day without lunch or water.

It was when we faced a couple of major problems with the plane that we stopped for the afternoon...


  1. Aaah, Malaysia, I have wonderful memories of that country, we spent our honeymoon there. Love this post.

  2. WOW, and I thought Greece is hot!!! :)
    Lovely post and gorgeous photos!

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