Thursday, July 26, 2012

CD Diary: Selangor to Terengganu, Malaysia (Day 2/4) - Roadside Kitty

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31.May.12, Thursday -- Not an unusually early day; straight after an early breakfast and hotel check-out, we were out on the campus' soccer pitch for some hands-on training. We summed up our one night in Selangor.

We hit the road, again, making our way from Selangor to Terengganu. It was a 5.5-hour drive.
At times, a patch of cloud would casually fall on you unexpectedly.

A few stops were made for lunch and coffee along the highway (kopi ais, ais kopi, or kopi peng, kopi-0, or maybe even kopi-0 peng?), and finally a dinner stop along a roadside eatery, when we were nearing our destination in Terengganu.

How about that playful kitty? She wanted a bit of our nasi goreng kampung.

In case you are curious, here's a map of the states of Peninsular / West Malaysia:

Image from

That evening's destination: Kenyir Lake. 
(The squiggly blotch of blue you see in Terengganu, on the map above.)


  1. what a supercute kitty picture ! Awesome !

  2. the look in the eyes of the kitty really tells you : please please please take me with you to your catparadise in CH, I can see that you will give me a good life !!!

  3. Okay, you are killing me with the food pictures. Everything looks so good. What an amazing trip!

    Yeah, there's no way I would not have stuffed that kitten into my bags. ;)


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