Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sew Me Something: Purple and Short. Another Blouson dress.

18.07.12 Purple and short! Dress I completed today.

Do you think there's enough purple on this?

This fabric was bought while in Singapore, in that afternoon spent with my friend Esther. We were fabric shopping in Arab Street / Haji or Bali Lane -- I didn't make the effort to remember the name of the street. In that particular store, the "uncle" sold 1-meter 'cut off's that were said to be imported from Japan.
I bought this fabric as is, along with a few other 1-meter pieces.

Didn't realise the print was of hibiscus flowers, until I opened it up at home. I thought they were random spots, while at the shop. I knew I wanted a summer outfit from this fabric, anyway, so that didn't matter.

The fabric was also 2-ply and thicker than expected. Which is great.

Third and final Blouson dress. Promise.
This is also the shortest dress I've ever made.

Very soft cotton fabric, from Japan.
160cm wide x 120cm long. (Very little scrap left after completing the dress.)

Modifications to pattern:
- raised V-back by 1"
widened hips from waist by 2", i.e. 1" at each side
- enlarged facings

Please excuse the mess.


  1. You are so clever, it looks fantastic on you. Great colour as well.

  2. you have terrific legs to show off, real 'mini-style' !


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