Friday, July 13, 2012

Sew Me Something: Orange Batik Blouson Dress

So, after that first black-and-white Blouson dress, this was the second dress I made.
It is soft and comfortable... 
I have in mind a third one -- something of even softer cotton. Something purple, maybe.
After that, I am putting an end to this Blouson dress.
We don't seem to see enough warm days to wear something so summery!

Cotton batik from Indonesia. A gift from a friend.
100cm wide x 220cm long.
Scraps left:
06.Jul.12 Scrap remains

Modifications to pattern:
- raised V-back by 1"
- lengthened bottom hem by 4"
- widened hips from waist by 2", i.e. 1" at each side
- enlarged facings
- chunky tie bands

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  1. Catwalk please!!!
    Probably more suitable for your exotic journeys, rather than for going shopping to Migross, Hauptbahnof area, etc :)


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