Monday, July 2, 2012

CD Diary: My life as a Conservation Drones groupie


If you have been following my last 2 bumpy and muddy posts on getting to Aras Napal, thank you.
I will be sharing with you my experience as a Conservation Drones groupie, travelling with the team on their Asian missions, this last June.

Work-related matters will not be on my blog, but the fun, trivial lighter side of things will be focused, instead. This is, after all, my life as a groupie. There will involve food, of course, and maybe some animals along the way. (No guarantees on spotting your favourite wildlife, though!)

Please do learn more about Conservation Drones and their mission:
If you are a wildlife conservationist but have found your way here, head to their site and tell them Juanita sent you :)

Or even if you're just curious, take a look at the site and tell us how excellent my field photography is :D

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  1. great idea to combine fun and work with these drones ! I hope to see some 'catty' wildlife ;-)


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