Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sew Me Something: Blouson Dress in IKEA fabric

04.Jul.12 Blouson Dress using IKEA fabric
Blouson Dress : front
Yay! Back home and finally down to some selfish crafting. I have been meaning to make myself dresses, as you know by now, and this 'Blouson Dress' pattern has been on my mind.

Not feeling too confident about my sewing skills, I used this IKEA fabric as an experiment.
The fabric was really thick, so the result was a stiff dress. I don't mind it.
I thought the wild prints in this dress makes it extra fun. To me, at least.

04.Jul.12 Blouson dress _ back
Blouson Dress : back
Thanks to the sewing community of, before committing to any sewing, I researched and took the advice / experiences from others who have had a go with this Blouson dress.
The main "complaint" or area of note, was the hips, in which more wiggle room was needed. Useful tip.

04.Jul.12 V shaped back
As I also like my modesty, I raised the back by an inch, and lengthened the dress by a few inches.

Too lazy to bother about 'facings', or even biased tapes, I used a black velvet ribbon to create this sneaky border, which I now think was a good play of Artistic License.
04.Jul.12 Front neckline

My major 'Nay' to this dress: the high neckline.
My major 'Yay' to this dress: the pockets. I love pockets.

04.Jul.12 Blouson dress _ left pocket 04.Jul.12 Blouson dress _ right pocket

Obligatory inside-out shots:
04.Jul.12 Velvet ribbon neckline 04.Jul.12 Pockets

This dress was really easy to put together, to my surprise.
After this one, I felt greedy and started a second Blouson in a softer fabric. I'll have to show you that dress the next time.

Pattern used:
Fabric used: 
'Saralisa Weiss' from IKEA. Heavyweight cotton.
150cm wide x approx. 200cm long.

Modifications to pattern:
- raised V-back by 1"
- lengthened bottom hem by 3"
- widened hips from waist by 2", i.e. 1" at each side
- ignored facings and bow ties.


  1. love the fabric and the cut !!!! You did a great job ... again !!!!

  2. another crafty success!
    Why don't you model your dresses?! :)

    1. Because I don't know how to and I LOOK HORRIBLE. Not the dress, but me :D

  3. Welcome back home, Juanita! :)
    Wow, you've been TRAVELING!!! How are your kitties? Sure VERY happy to have their Mommy back!
    Happy crafting, Juanita!
    Love from Rhodes, Greece

    1. Yes the cats are just as happy that we are back!!!

  4. Great job. I think the print is super! I love pockets, too!

  5. Darling dress. However I was looking for a blouson dress, this is more of a shift. A blouson usually has a bodice that blouses over the skirt (like a tucked in blouse). Or sleeves can be blouson, meaning they blouse at the hem of the sleeve (like elastic gathering).


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