Saturday, July 28, 2012

Behind the Scene: Big X bag

To offer customers more views, better close-ups, and a little description as to how the item was personally hand-made, this is a 'Behind the Scene' blog post :) I hope you'll enjoy!

Bag's date of birth: 27.Jul.2012

As each bag I make is always slightly different from the other, I remind myself to document the process as I am also excited to show you the 'how it's made'.
(Big X is No. 4; there have been 3 others.)

I have improvised a bag design that I am comfortable working with, and that is secure and practical, too.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to showing you more. Although, I must warn you in my lack of creativity with the names of each bag. Name suggestions are welcome!

This Big X bag can be found here. It is so named, because 1. it is a big bag, and 2. the velvet fabric is made up of black and white 'x's!

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