Thursday, July 12, 2012

CD Diary: Last Test - Aras Napal, Besitang, Sumatra (Day 3/4, part 1)

28.May.12, Monday. Our last morning at Aras Napal saw us through flight tests.

Breakfast was promptly served at 7:00AM. We were definitely well-fed for the day.
That was fried brinjal (aubergine or eggplant) served with beautiful sweet sambal. I was still very full from the late dinner we had the night before, but believe me, you too, would be asking for more.

"Put your hands in the air..." (Like you just don't care.)

I had been working 2 cameras simultaneously -- a small pocket camera in my left, and a video on my right (to film each flight). This below, I thought was quite a nice accident.
I was glad to have bought the sandals while in Singapore, with friend Esther.

There's nothing like listening to elephant calls in the background. They too, had to work.

And here's an example of a new idea that was tested out:
Now we know where my kitchen sponges have disappeared to.

It was midday, leaving us a few hours to finish things and pack up before the boatman arrived.
The cat didn't help.

Lunch was another feast!
Every meal was a delicious surprise, as you could well see.

One last shot for the road...

A last flight in at around 3:00PM; it was time for us to pack and leave the field station!
At that point, I was all packed and excited about leaving...


  1. sambal for breakfast ... spicy lady !

  2. Is it wrong to admit that my favourite shots are the ones of the food?


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