Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CD Diary: Aras Napal, Sumatra (Day 2/4, part 2) - Farewell Dinner

(Hee-har. Two seconds of being in front of the camera to prove that I exist.)

27.May.12, Sunday afternoon. The afternoon went on with more flights and training, as you might have guessed. It was intense to fit so much into one afternoon...

As there was talk of a change in our plans (2 nights in Aras Napal, instead of 3), for memory's sake, I took a picture of this much-frequented pebbly path of the field station. It connected our sleeping quarters to the common work area.

The SOCP guys left Aras Napal this afternoon, catching the boatman and his sampan. Just in time before the rain.
In between the unpredictable mati lampu sessions and the rain, the guys talked work, and friend S tried to book us a hotel in Medan with his blackberry. (What could we have done without technology, these days?) Any hotel could have done; we just needed a place to stay for a night.

Seeing how we were at the common area for a while, with rain and no electricity to work with, the kitchen staff offered us a late afternoon snack. Snack at 6:30PM. Why not?

And snack it was!
That was a meal in itself, and dinner was served 2 hours later; I barely had time to digest.

And oh wow, that night's dinner looked like a special one. Could it be because it was a Sunday, or because we were leaving the next day? Either way, I considered it our farewell dinner.
It was very sweet of them to note that we were fond of spicy sambal.

Any guesses to what these green "veggies" might be? It made the fried chicken so flavourful!
(These "veggies" were straight from the backyard.)

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  1. love your sense of humour on the first picture :-). Never tried the wikipediastyleveggies :-)


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