Monday, July 9, 2012

CD Diary: Aras Napal, Sumatra (Day 2/4, part 1) - Dark Kopi

27.May.12, Sunday.
Our first full day in Aras Napal.
The day started early; the guys were flying at 7:00AM, before having had the morning kopi. Check out this region's coffee. Most interesting! It was had with lots of sugar, and unfiltered.

Breakfast was served at half-past 8. And we had our beloved sambal fried with the rice! Yum.

The cats knew when it was time for breakfast, too.
And I was mistaken -- there were not 2, but 3!

Meals seemed to last no longer than 10 minutes, as with "Man Speed". No time was wasted.
DSC05762 DSC05765

The morning provided good weather. It was over 30°C kind of hot, hot, hot.

We also had a large spectator. It watched every flight, which were many, and didn't seem unfazed by the unusual human activity.

The morning also saw us through several cups of black coffee. Hot coffee in hot weather? Yes, caffeine was much needed.
Does it look darker than your mascara?
You stir this finely-ground coffee powder in your hot water, and let it settle. Not all will settle, which I thought made this kopi an interesting suspension.

Lunch was graciously served at 2:00PM. Let's hear it for sambal, again!

This Sunday morning and early afternoon was well utilised, despite the one or two mati lampu sessions.
(With the blackouts, the only problems were charging up the plane's batteries and laptop. It does make one wonder about food and refrigeration... )

The SOCP* guys were leaving Aras Napal very soon, that afternoon. With that, there was talk of a possible change in our plans: a training opportunity in Medan city, early Tuesday morning...

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

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  1. Fieldwork wouldn't be fieldwork without large amounts of caffeine! I was lucky enough to do 3 years of fieldwork in Ethiopia, birthplace of coffee!


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