Friday, July 6, 2012

CD Diary: Sleeping in Aras Napal, Besitang, Sumatra (Day 1/4)

26.May.12 Along came the rain clouds -- the threatening hujan was quite expected. It was a good thing the guys had a good few flights.

We were soon joined by members of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, and the excitement reached an all-time high that afternoon.


The rest of the day and evening went on with jibber-jabber about planes and the related training.
Dinner was sambal-icious, but I had forgotten to take pictures.
The insects in the night were so drawn to the light, we were hardly left alone for one minute.

Each step sounded extra crunchy, too.

It was a quick cold shower at 10pm, that night.

The sarong helped solved the bedsheet-less situation, and the foam mattress smelled of sleep and sweat.
I, or we, were seriously too dogged-out to bother. (Good thing we each brought our own sarongs.)

We also coated ourselves with insect repellent and prickly heat powder, and drifted to sleep to the sounds of the jungle, distorted by the incessant thumping of insects against the windows and lamps.

First night in Aras Napal of Sumatra down; three more nights to go.
It was going to be an early training session, the next day.


  1. I can feel the heat dripping off my pc ... and
    hear the crunchy noise ... yuk ! Rather like the babyelephant and the fluffy-under-the-table friends ;-)

  2. oh no couldn't do the crunch insect thing!

  3. Memories of similar beds ridden with bed bugs are coming back to mind and making me itch!!


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