Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CD Diary: First Impression - Aras Napal, Besitang, Indonesia (Day 1/4)

26.May.12, Saturday
Welcome to the field station at Aras Napal. We walked straight from the sampan (earlier) and "checked in" to our accommodation, a 2-bedroom hut.

We were forewarned about bringing our own blankets and towels, but spotting no bedsheets threw us off for a few seconds. It was going to be for 3 nights. We'll think about sleep later; first, work.

A quick change of clothes and the guys started setting their work station at the common area. (This was where meals were had.)

Hearing us, the kitchen staff of the station came out for a greeting and asked if we were ready for lunch. Yes, we agreed unanimously.

While the guys were busy, I took a look around and spotted my favourite something. (Motorbike or cat?)

Within 5 minutes, our lunch was served. It was as if the staff had been waiting for us all morning.

And look, someone decided to join us for lunch, too. It has a fluffy behind :D

Mmm... What a great lunch! Sambal coated fried fish, crispy tempeh, and sambal fried fern. I did say I could eat sambal all day, right? My palette was so happy.
I've learnt from Sabah the edible fern to be called 'paku', but friend S, who is very fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, called it 'pakis'. Slight variation to say the same thing?

The delicious lunch was gobbled down in no more than 10 minutes; I had to keep up with man speed, so no time for fussing about the heat, flies, and under-table friends.

Every minute and hour of good daylight was precious -- it was back to work at 13:15hr, local time.
One just never knows when the sky will fall down on us. It is the tropics.

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