Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A few of my favourite things in Singapore

20.05.12 Breakfast 21.05.12 The best popiah, in my opinion. 25.05.12 Laksa21.05.12 Good stuff for dinner.

It's cruel to look at these pictures.

The last time I left you guys was a month ago, with a note about being in Singapore, having caught up with friends and family. Catching up with folks revolve around this common activity -- eating.
There was a lot to pack in, in just a few days. But you know what, over the years, I have become selective with the food I miss. That may be the result of a dwindling list, too. Here are just a few of my favourites.

'I could eat sambal all day,' I remember thinking and saying that.

With my face and belly well stuffed in Singapore, we were ready for our next destination.


  1. They are a bit stingy with the chwee kueh toppings eh.

  2. That all looks so nice! My friend visited Singapore last year and she said she had the best food than anywhere else she had traveled (like you she is very well traveled ;)) I don't know if its possible to get the ingredients in the UK or even if we could recreate them to taste like they should but I would love to find out, If you have any recipes you would be able to share?

    Hannah x

  3. Whatever dish is in that 3rd picture, I want some NOW!!

  4. You and your bunch of foodie friends he he!!!
    You really made the moist of it...eat till your drop!


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