Saturday, June 30, 2012

CD Diary: Besitang, Sumatra, Indonesia (Day 1/4) - Sampan

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26.May.12, Saturday 
It was midday. The village market we drove past a while ago must have seen many of its villagers; the small hut selling drinks was closed to get their shopping done at the market. We were thirsty for coffee. Fortunately, our wait for the boat (or sampan) didn't take too long -- a sampan arrived, returning with passengers from the other side of the river.

Testing my agility, we quickly rocked our way into a sampan, fitting us 3 and a local lady, (our heavy baggage of equipment took up most of the space!) and zoomed off.

Sitting cross-legged in the sampan was a fun experience. Wobbling was something to get used to.

Midway, the sampan stopped by a muddy bank. What a steep mud bank. As I watched the lady disembark, I panicked as I knew I was in for the most embarrassing fall of my life. Possibly into the river. Help, I can't swim. What did I sign up for?

Not our stop, thankfully.

Right, back to enjoying the scenery! First wildlife sighting: macaques.

With so much to take in, 45 minutes went by quickly, and we finally stopped at a gentle sloping mud bank. Oh, the relief; no falling-face-in-the-mud for me. 

We arrived at Aras Napal; the guys were eager to get cracking on their work. Even without coffee.


  1. Think..the lady was even wearing unsafe flip flops!!!

  2. no mosquitos ? Where they all in Italy ???? ;-)

  3. Bit of a change from Maur Juanita! Stay safe.


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