Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CD Diary: Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia (Day 1/4) - From Singapore to Medan

26.May.12, Saturday
It was an early flight out of Singapore, landing us safely at 08:00hr in Medan.

We were greeted by friend S, and with a driver, we locked and loaded our gear, and started making our way to an unknown-to-me destination.

Everyone knew where we were going. I didn't. That's alright, I like surprises.
(And I was fine with operating on a ask-only-when-I-need-to-know basis.)

The only information I knew then, was: we were going to take a boat. Somewhere remote.


Anyhow, my task was to document the trip in pictures. I love my task.

The drive through and out of Medan, then along country roads, seemed to take 3 hours.

What I certainly remembered fondly* was the ride through estate (oil palm plantation estate) roads.

It was really bumpy.
As much as I would have liked to share with you pictures, my little point-and-shoot could only handle so much.

Well ladies, we were in luck -- it was a Saturday market that late morning.

We had such a skilled driver with us. If you must know, estate roads are good fit for one vehicle at a time.

3 hours later, at 11:30hr, we reached our destination. Kind of.
Where is the boat?
What boat were we waiting for?
How long did we have to wait?
Where were we taking the boat to?
You guesses were as good as mine.

It's Sumatra, guys! Yay!

*In the years before moving to Switzerland, I used to assist The Hubs - unpaid - in his research work in Borneo. This time, it's no different.


  1. Don't tell me you went to play with Orang Outans or I may just hate you FOREVER!!

  2. Just came across this blog and I do quite enjoy it!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip in Indonesia. It certainly is a beautiful country.

  3. I wonder how did your bottom feel after that tricky drive through the jungle :D

  4. Can just imagine you trying to take photographs on that bumpy drive! Unpaid labour..haha but at least it's something you enjoy doing!


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