Thursday, May 24, 2012

Please leave a message

It's difficult to pull myself away from my fur-babies. You all know they *are* my babies, right?

I am sad to leave them behind, but we need to see to The Hubs' work in Asia, so they will have to manage themselves with the house-sitter's company. (I hope they will.)

By my calculations, Fluffy's fluff would be 1.75 to 2cm long, the next time I see him. It is a long time.


  1. Oh no, how long are your fur babies going to be without their mummy? I'd let the hubs go on his own and stay with the babies ;-)

  2. you should let the catsitter put them before the webcam so they can hear your voice ;-)

  3. Sweet photo - the longest we've let ours behind was for 2 weeks - he was a bit shell-shocked at first but recovered in no time :)

  4. Oh I understand you, Juanita!!! I'm far from my furry baby too, right now (in Rhodes, Greece), and I miss her a lot! But I have her Grandpa (my father) taking good care of her, and he loves her a lot and spoils her to bits! Still, I miss her. Sometimes there's no other way -- I have my boyfriend living and working here, so I need to split myself between two places and... two loves ;)
    How long will you be gone?

  5. You will be coming back to Switzerland though, right?


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