Monday, May 7, 2012

Floriade 2012: World Show Stage

20.Apr.12 Floriade 2012

20.Apr.12 Floriade 2012

Maybe I can't call them exhibits, but the right word has not come to mind; what would you call them -- booths, huts, stands or stalls? Let's call them exhibits, for now.

Each participating country got to show and tell their horticultural expertise with these exhibits, or just about anything that seemed relevant to Floriade.
We could weave in and out the streets of different countries in this World Show cluster, and most of them were great shopping stops.

Tucked into a corner, I recognised this miniature right away:
20.Apr.12 Floriade 2012

It made me smile.
Any guesses on what this could be?


  1. very very nice :)
    wish I could be on a sunny, flowerful, green place.
    Give me a message when you`re back, will you?


  2. Hi Juanita! I encountered this post in your suggestions widget. In Indonesia, I think it's called the Paddy Fields. In the Philippines, we call it the Rice Terraces. We have a province way up north that plants rice using the slopes of a mountain for easy irrigation I guess. Here's a picture of the Rice Terraces


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