Thursday, May 3, 2012

Floriade 2012, Venlo
20.Apr.12 Floriade 2012

20.Apr.12 Floriade 2012

20.Apr.12 Floriade 2012

20.Apr.12 Floriade 2012

Just how much can be said and done about flowers and gardening? A theme-park-full, apparently.

I have never heard of the Floriade until our host family told us about it. The Floriade takes place every 10 years. (I guess that's why it is in an epic proportion!) This year's Floriade is held at Venlo, which was 30min away from where our host family was.

It was totally spontaneous, this day out to Floriade with the host ladies (while the men worked).
In just one afternoon, we managed only to visit 2 themes: The Green Engine and World Show Stage.
It's more than just a garden with tulips; I'll show you a few of my impressions soon.


  1. This sounds like the kind of thing I'd love! Looking forward to seeing/hearing more :)

  2. Sounds amazing! Looking forward to seeing more too! :)

    Note from Zoe:
    Hey Mr Fluffy! I'm waiting for you and there's a bunch of furry friends who is looking forward to meeting you too! :)
    Zoe :)

  3. Am jealous - I want to go!
    I found you on the Curious Cat and am happy that I did.


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