Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is Crafting Worth It?

27.03.12 Not too excited about this dress I made. I was, but less now.

I made this dress last week. Even though it looks complete, I'm not satisfied with it.
It is supposed to be reversible. (I want it to be.)

This needs to be worked on, once again. That will make it my 4th day fussing over it.
Four days, for a simple sleeveless dress. No zippers, nothing.

I understand it is about the learning process, and the thrill of making things with my own hands.
But, why couldn't I just take the trip to the nearest H&M store and buy one off the shelf that would cost me only a bus ticket and probably 10 minutes of my life, without suffering a chronic back pain?
A dress would cost less than total cost of raw material, if you live in Switzerland, too.

Is crafting worth my this-one-life's energy and jeopardizing my health?
Why can't I be one of those girls that love shopping?


  1. I think you are like any designer out there. You are highly critical of your work. :) I think it looks great btw.

  2. you want to conquer yourself in crafting not shopping ;-)

  3. But you know the answer, really, don't you? I can tell you do...

    And I was in H&M on Saturday (very rare event for a thrift-shopper like me) and the fabrics were tacky and the workmanship iffy. Your dress is tons better, even if it doesn't quite satisfy you.

    Thanks for your comments! I was thinking of you when I wrote today's post, because I realised you must have got married and moved half way across the world at a pretty young age yourself!

  4. Crafter often don't love shopping...:))

  5. Cough..cough... :)
    Probably I'm not the right person for commenting your blog post, anyway I can assure you won't find a lovely dress like yours in any shop, neither the poshest ones!

  6. You know Juanita, I've been sewing for years...and years, made my wedding dress even, but some of my projects are never-ending mistakes, I mean challenging time-wasters due to my own inattention.

  7. Juanita, it looks fab and if I could sew even half as well as you, I wouldn't have to spend so (sew!!) much money having my (shop bought) clothes taken up - I am a bit vertically challenged, you know. That's short, by the way.


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