Friday, April 27, 2012

Living in Continental Europe - Like




Having international colleagues has its perks.
Colleague S had stayed over with us for a couple of times to work on a collaboration with The Hubs. (We like having people over.)
So when the latest opportunity came for S and family to host us in the Netherlands, we thought it called for a road trip.

I like living in continental Europe, and I like travelling on land with big, wide open areas.

Forget about checking-in 2 hours prior to flight; we cruised seven-and-half hours through the Autobahn, traversing Germany to southern Netherlands with such ease and comfort.
And guess what? No swollen feet. No motion sickness. No stressing over my retinas collapsing. No problems about bulky cargo, too.
Too bad the cats couldn't come along.


  1. next time take a bench in the car and the cats can come along ;-)

  2. YEAH, Europe is great!!!!
    Hope you had/are having a great time in the Netherlands!
    And Zoe is looking forward to hosting Fluffy and Pickle at her Kitty Party! Meeeow!!!

  3. Hey hun! I totally hear you on the boring blog comment -what is going on there?! I actually confess there is one blog I read which is just like that and I keep asking myself - why do I bother? It is so rubbish and yet...sometimes the simple/mind numbing stuff has its can just dip in and out and go 'oh, right.' and then you look and think 'what the f? How do they have so many comments?!!!' Life is

    Loving the photos - wish i could drive confidently and have the freedom!


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