Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sew Me Something: The Crayon Dress

We did it, guys. A 'comeback' dress to restore a little confidence in my sewing.
What enabled this was returning to something I have tried before.

06.Apr.12 Crayon dress

If you are finding this fabric a little familiar, or odd...
Yes, it is an IKEA fabric!
There was a sale last Winter, and someone insisted I get this fabric, saying it would be great for a dress. Really?

06.Apr.12 Crayon dress

I guess no one is going to call this a granny cloth / granny dress now, right?
Or would I disappear into your IKEA-furnished apartment with it, this time?

06.Apr.12 Crayon dress

No major setbacks to report, but just a couple of bumps and kinks of dissatisfaction, which I won't point out to you if you can't yet see them.
Just stop staring at my left armpit, though.

06.Apr.12 Crayon dress

I even got to try out a new-to-me sewing technique called 'All-in-one facing' for the shoulders.

06.Apr.12 Crayon dress

The pleated bit took me a long while to get sorted. As I wanted to use the *whole* 1.5m width of the fabric, I had to create my own pleats. My fault; I was greedy. Could have just nicked the fabric to follow the sewing pattern's instructions.

06.Apr.12 Crayon dress

But believe me, these large overlapping pleats are going to spare you from seeing anything that shouldn't be seen.
Alas, ironing this dress was - and is going to be - slightly interesting.

06.Apr.12 Crayon dress

Inside-out shots, because I believe the serger deserves some credit.

06.Apr.12 Crayon dress

Project Notes:

Sewing Pattern
Burda Magazine Spring/Summer 2009, E988 dress 5A

Cotton fabric from IKEA, approx. 250 x 150 cm. 
YKK zipper.

1. Invisible zipper. Time-consuming but worth it it.
2. All-in-one facing tutorial from here, here, and here. Shall use Kitschycoo's method the next time, definitely.

Time taken
A little under 3 days. I know. I need to break this 3-day spell.


  1. Cute print. Are you going to buy furniture to match the dress now?

  2. my compliments for this cute summerdress ! Love it ! you will be gorgeous in it for sure !

  3. This is so beautiful and professionally done. You should start a business.

  4. This is so beautiful and professionally done. You should start a business.

  5. This is great, i am impressed. I have just finished my first solo dress (I made my first one last summer but had a lot of help) and that was a long emotional journey. The pattern was simple enough but don't just just hate the way they are written (complete jargon) and how the drawings on the side are often even more confusing than the text? Maybe it's just me! I really like your dress and the fabric and may look up the pattern.


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