Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Need for a No Knead Bread


Honestly, when it comes to making breads, I receive more misses than hits.
I guess I'm still a babbling infant; did I receive a big fat FAIL.

I seem to have had it wrong in what seemed like so many ways:

1- I don't possess fancy schmancy cast iron cookware. Pyrex was given a go, which is what I have. The miserably-failed "bread" got so stuck I swore I needed a jackhammer to pry it out.
Should have listened to Pickle's doubtful meow. 
Should have lined it with baking paper.
Should have invested in fancy Le Creuset for this experiment. 
Hindsight. What a wonderful thing.

2- Tasted like a sea salt rock. How could 1 teaspoon of salt have given such a salt attack?
The dough you see was the half portion of risen dough. 
Did I mistake 'teaspoon' for 'tablespoon'? Someone please rewind the security tape.

Would I give this No Knead recipe another try?

With instant yeast readily available, one could probably fast forward the 12-hour wait to just 1 or 2 hours. Unless, of course, you like waking up to the big surprise and gawk at a bubbly wet mess of yeasty goo. 
It did make me happy, though, to see the dough double in size the next morning. 
It did. But that was to be expected, wasn't it?

I haven't given up hope on trying to make a good bread. Not yet.
Working with these microorganisms can be tricky business.
Did I tell you? I really didn't enjoy Microbiology classes.


  1. oh gosh, the bubbly good is just the worst. I remember that from when I was given a batch of that awful Amish bread stuff - yuck. But yes, seeing the dough rise is exciting! To me at least :-)

    Maybe try pizza dough next time? It's a bit easier than bread IMO.

  2. Sorry to hear how much you're upset, but you seriously made me crack up!

  3. I think you should give it another try! It looks really yummy! Go Juanita!

  4. it looks ok to me ! I did it too just with a fake Le Creuset from Aldi market and it was eaten in no time (the bread not the pot I mean ;))))


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