Sunday, March 18, 2012

How I Made My Grey Fold-over Bag

Grey fold-top cross body!

I have been asked how I made this bag.

Sewing bags is a fun adventure for me -- these few things determine the outcome:
- Type and Size of material I have and want to work with;
- Functionality / What-I-want-in-a-bag;
- The little knowledge I have about construction; and
- Patience + How well my toy sewing machine can handle it :D

I needed to replace my old, every-day hangbag that was falling apart.
This thrifted synthetic suede material looked like it would give me some good mileage as a proper bag.

It was a real test of endurance for my modest little IKEA sewing machine. Yes! Sewing machine from IKEA. To all you sewing experts out there, what I possess is a toy. Whatever does the job...

Grey synthetic suede fabric.

Here is a sneak peek of how I cooked the bag up:

Grey fold-top bag 01 Grey fold-top bag 08 Grey fold-top bag 13 Grey fold-top bag 17 Grey fold-top bag 23

By no means is it an elaborate tutorial, this album is a document of the How-I-Made-My-Bag process.
Have a look-see and let me know what you think!


  1. Love your bag! For me the most difficult thing its the zip... mostly when the bag its not sew at the bottom. Then, there is the lining, I love fancy satin o silk ones; but they are so slippery!
    The IKEA sewing machine came all in one piece or you had to put it together?:))

    1. :D

      Good one! Thank goodness this IKEA sewing machine was already assembled! :D

  2. Juanita,
    Think you are a genius...


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