Thursday, March 22, 2012

Arvenbüel, Amden, St. Gallen

Arvenbüel. Overlooking Walensee.
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Catching the tail-end of Winter, over the last weekend, Hubs and I were so pleased to discover this quaint and quiet little high-point called Arvenbüel, in the town of Amden of Canton St. Gallen.
I bet shoveling that much snow to get out of a chalet must involve some puzzle-solving :D 
Did you know, I have only seen snow of such heights in images? It's about time we saw some, although what we're looking at isn't in its full winter glory.

We have visited the lake Walensee -- from Walenstadt -- last Summer. This time, we wanted to see things from another side.
Photo credit: here

To be honest, it was a quick reconnaissance. We plan to head back to Arvenbüel again for a 'flying picnic'* or hike in the near future.

*I was told it was one of the recommended flying spots, i.e. model hobby planes.


  1. You have found a nice spot overlooking Walensee, wow! This is one of my favorite lakes as it is traced by the magnificent "Churfirsten" mountain range...

    By the way, hiking just "behind" these mountains in the Toggenburg region is recommendable as well ;-)

  2. You look so cool!!!!...but cannot believe how much snow they got overthere!


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