Saturday, February 11, 2012

'Rome saw snow for first time in 26 years': Day 3 in Rome

... as described by the Daily Mail (1).
I remember that fateful 03.Feb.2012 very well, and most certainly my friends Juana and Michela do too.
The three of us were to meet in Rome that day.

I remember how that morning began: It just poured heavily and tirelessly. While I was well-prepared for Rome's mild winter and rain, I was not prepared for deep puddles with my every other step.

It just keeps pouring :((
Stepping out of the hotel
It took merely two steps, out of the hotel, for my boots and socks to get soaked through and through. It was going to be a long day.


From a gusty storm to falling icy flakes, the weather went from bad to awful within an hour.
The weather changed right before our eyes.



Rome is best enjoyed with lots of sun; it certainly is not a place accustomed to precipitation.
Chaos would be lightly describing what we experienced that day :D 


It was all true: all forms of transportation above ground came to a halt.
Thankfully, the underground metro still worked.


Despite the bumpy start to our morning, with lots of slipping and sliding, the day ended well (2).

At the Fountain Trevi with Juana and Michela (3)
That's one more memorable day for the history books.

(1) The last time Rome saw snow was 2010.
(2) Michela caught her flight back; Juana caught her bus home, safely.
(3) Both Juanitas in their new weather-combat boots. Hence the plastic bags of old shoes :D


  1. Oh, my. That was a tough day to go sightseeing... Have you dropped a coin to fontanna di Trevi to come back? :)

  2. Oh dear, can imagine how well prepared Rome was for this weather! Even northern cities in Germany are always a mess, when a real winter is hitting them.

  3. Oh, it was really something to remember! I really enjoyed to walk (mostly after we two Juanitas bought our new boots!) in an unusually snowed Rome, with two young and pretty girls! Hope to repeat the experience, maybe on a sunny Rome, as usually!

  4. We met in Venice and the heat was unbearable...we met in Zurich and it rained...we met in Rome and it snowed...just fatality or rotten luck??? :D


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