Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hey Feb!

One month ago, most people were watching the fireworks and making life-changing resolutions.
No plans for me this year; taking each day and month as they come.

How was your January of 2012?
I thought it was my warmest January, and did 31 days go by too quickly.

Are you looking forward to February? I am!

Whatever you're up to, I hope it's going to be crazy-awesome, or awesome-crazy :D


  1. Hey! yeah no resolutions for me either! The month went by crazy fast!! February will be about transition for us, we have to move!! find a new home, our car broke down, so we have to find another one, we have to pack, and even move Beli from her current school, but I'm looking forward to celebrating Valentines,,,and eating lots of chocolate!!

  2. ..One month ago two crazy girls were watching the fireworks on the Greifen See wearing their pjs....ha ha!
    Will never forget the funny looks we got from your neighbours! :D

  3. Great photo. you look so happy!


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