Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 4 in Rome and the Vatican City

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It was a Saturday that we thought best to enjoy a walk in the fresh snow.
Nobody likes to be out in the cold, right?
We were wrong.

We walked our way into the Vatican City, otherwise known as the smallest country in the world.

So, greetings from The Smallest Country in the World:

IMG_1052 IMG_1053

With our licenses are tourists, we joined the masses and stood in line.
For what? It could have been either a line into the Basilica or the Sistine Chapel. 
Why not. Surprise me.


While waiting in line, a chopper was buzzing over the city.

Unlike our time in Brussels, we didn't get to be on the local news.
But can you see us waving from St. Peter's Square?

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After spending hours on our feet, admiring the paintings in the Vatican Museum as well, we walked some more. Hungry and tired at this point.


We walked back to Rome and even made it to the Spanish Steps, along with a sea of others.

IMG_1080 IMG_1079 IMG_1093

The city was drowning with pedestrians that Saturday. Are Saturdays car-free days?
Was it just that particular Saturday (04.Feb.12)?

Would this be a typical scene on a weekend in Rome? :)

With this, my friends, I conclude my time in Rome. But I might talk to you about a restaurant, too :D
We'll see.


  1. oh wow, I have never seen Rome with that much snow!

    I love Piazza di Spagna, but I have never ever been to Vatican City - must change that the next time I visit Rome!

    Great photos, Juanita!

  2. Mmh..maybe a negative review?! :-)
    Oh my, look at people skiing in front of Saint Peter's Cathedral..quite hilarious!


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