Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 2 in Rome: Meeting Juana


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When I first heard that I could tag along to Rome with The Hubs, (It's Rome, come on.) I immediately thought of blog-friend Juana, who lives in the vicinity. On a whim, I contacted her to find out if she would be available on such-and-such dates. With luck, yes!

Having Juana as a tour guide was pure luxury, and did we cover much ground in one Thursday afternoon!
She kept me fascinated with the ruins and things ancient Roman, pointed things out while we took walks in the not-so-touristed paths, and you know, discussed things two-Juanitas-would-talk-about-when-they-meet-each-other-for-the-first-time-in-a-city sort of stuff.

I even got to stand under the Pantheon*, and asked the often-asked question**.
And the inbetween highlights: The Roman cats in the cat colony, where ancient, historical ruins were their playground. Cat Colony...*squee*

For lunch, Juana took me to the Jewish ghetto, where we had a lovely vegetarian platter with falafels. (I love falafel.) Do you see those ricotta cheesecakes? These pictures aren't lying. I remember the taste like I still have that slice in my hand.
If only I noted down the addresses to these humble eateries...

We parted that Thursday evening as the rain started to get persistently heavier and mood-dampening.
The next morning, we were to meet Michela for our Roman adventure :D

*The Hubs ought to be jealous. Do you know what else would make him jealous? Pictures of yummy food, and cats I get to meet. (Here's him with one. So that's good enough.) Please don't tell Fluffy and Pickle.
** "What happens when it rains?"

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  1. Wow! You really packed a lot fo fun in only one afternoon!
    I remember Juana telling me about the Jewish ghetto and the amazing food!
    (I'm blogging from work ;P)


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