Thursday, January 5, 2012

That Fluffy Dog in Konstanz

01.Jan.12 Konstanz



I was over in Konstanz, Germany, a couple days ago, and saw a crowd gathering around this big fluffy animal on the ground.
It was a dog that laid very still.

Nothing bad happened to the dog; it was performing, and no one could break its concentration.

That was one adorable fluffy dog. He's so fluffffyy...
I bet you can imagine how heartwarming it was to watch it walk alongside its master, very, very slowly :D


  1. I want that dog. It looks like a polar bear! Admittedly, I'm both a cat and a dog girl, but since I'm allergic to cats I tend to like dogs just a little bit more. ;)

  2. would this fluffy one loose at much hair as our fluffy cats ... or does he leave it outside during his performance ;-)

  3. This dog is like a bear! I want to give it a cuddle!


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