Friday, January 13, 2012

Man's Sweater, or Man Sweater

Man's sweater. Not man sweater. Took more than 4 weeks to complete. Now back to my selfish knitting :D

I mostly enjoy knitting because I want to make things for myself. This, I have to admit.
After making many sweaters for myself and being pestered endlessly, guilt kicked in.
So in November, I've decided to make a man's sweater.
Man's sweater. Not man sweater :D

And here's where I have to confess to one other thing:
I like simple knits. No frills, no patterns, no cables.
And another: I don't like seams.
And let me see what else I don't like...

That's it.

In addition to my fussiness, let's not forget about my recipient and what he wants.
He would like a turtleneck sweater.
It cannot be coarse sheep's wool.
It has to be black.
It has to be finished a.s.a.p., which I am in total agreement.

15 balls of yarn. 80% Merino.

The body-to-arm joint

Raglan sleeves!

Long story short, I:
- found the perfect no-seam + simple + turtleneck + raglan knitting pattern, here!
- spent 2 afternoons yarn-shopping for that perfect wool to make a turtleneck
- used 15 balls of 80%-Merino wool, and therefore
- made, by my standards, my most expensive sweater ever
- got so terribly confused with the knitting pattern along the way, for which I had to unravel a great lot, then rework bravely with some improvisation. That caused a delay, so it wasn't ready for Christmas.

Still, can we say we have a satisfied customer?
Yes we can.

Image and pattern from here.
If you are interested to make this sweater, head to Drops Design! Their patterns are free.
I love trawling their patterns.
Now, back to knitting for me-self!


  1. Pin would be concurrence to your fluffy cats being a 'man sweater' hihihihi

  2. Aiieee! Knitting now that is way cool! Congratulations on trying something new ;)
    You might be interested in this
    and something on there might inspire you!

    Lol I didnt realise my nails matched my background *doh* lol

    Cheers to a productive 2012 for both of us :) Will definitely be blogging more :) xoxo

  3. Great work, Juanita! It looks really good. I tried knitting a couple of times but I never managed to make anything more sophisticated than scarves and hats :) Did 'the customer' liked it then? :)

  4. wow Juanita it looks great!

  5. It looks good! Lovely you thought of the hubby...haha!


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