Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm not Happy. Something's Got to Change

I love diagrams. Isn't this an awesome diagram? It is.

My first week of 2012 was spent in denial.
I haven't even perfected the art of ending my dates with '11 yet.

Most of you may already know that I've been preoccupied with German classes since Summer.
What wonderfully precious Christmas and New Year's break... Did I not let each class-free day go by without getting my hands wrapped around a project! More about crafty news, later.

Yes, it's wonderful to learn a new language.
Yes, it is my responsibility to learn my host country's national language.
But, no... I don't ever use it outside of class. Never.
No, I don't like to be forced to sit for hours listening, as I don't necessarily learn the same way as the others in my class do.
No, I don't appreciate the stress of completing homework.

I'm not entirely happy, so, something's got to change.
My mindset and attitude, that's what.

I will see learning German as a hobby.
I do value this opportunity :D
And this will all be over in quick 7 weeks!

Diagram/image is from here.


  1. I so hope you get through your B1 class as smoothly as possible! You can do it! I hate homework too... and everyone else learns faster than I do, so I totally understand. But you definitely have more will power! :)

  2. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. :(

    That's exactly why I stopped going to classes. I reached a point where they felt useless because there was no one to converse with and actually put those memorised verbs and grammar into practice.

    Maybe you can meet with some other students a few times a month for practice? Just coffee or something casual but where everyone only speaks German? You can always skype me and we can speak bad German together. :D

  3. yay to positivism in 2012 !!!!

  4. Hello lovely! Happy New Year! I know what you mean about doing something that's new and maybe not obviously 'creative' I wish you all the best for learning German! Think of how cool it will be! You can make it creative for yourself and turn it into a hobby ;) All the best! Missed reading your blog, glad I am back online now :) xoxo

  5. Oh my, Juanita... don't torture yourself pleaseeeee... If you are not using it outside of class why would you need to learn it in the first place? I know how learning a foreign language can be difficult. From my experience one can't really learn it unless one enjoys the process... Cheer up, girl! Try to find some positive things about German :) It sounds kind of cool!

  6. You already know that my English has become much more fluent since I started blogging..
    I hope your new "take it easy" attitude will make your next 7 weeks less stressful!


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