Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holiday Sewing #2: Burda Magazine 2009 E988 dress 5A

Holiday Sewing Experiment #2 

At the risk of sounding like an avid garment sew-er, I am presenting you another piece.
It is the last of my sewing experiment for 2011, I assure you.

1. Learn to Sew a Dress -- to watch and learn from this Craftsy online course!
2. Practice, practice, practice.

Materials and Methods:
1. Learn to Sew a Dress video
2. Lightweight cotton fabric, of which I had 5 Metres to play with.
3. Fifties theme easy dress pattern from Burda Magazine Spring/Summer 2009, E988 dress 5A.
4. 25" YKK Zipper

 30.Dec.11 Holiday sewing #230.Dec.11 Holiday sewing #2
30.Dec.11 Holiday sewing #2 

This video course by Gretchen Hirsch took me through each step of the sewing process. The explanations were clear, and to say that I was mighty inspired is an understatement. There are about 15 segments to this course. After the 8th segment, I wanted badly to get on with some sewing :D

2. Material
Lightweight cotton being... lightweight, I double-layered the top bodice for more opacity.
The width of the fabric was narrow, hence a less voluminous skirt bottom.

3. Sewing Pattern
This was a French version of Burda Magazine 2009. I bought it while visiting Luxembourg. Nevermind about the language; diagrams are international.
This fifties dress caught my eye, as it was filed under the Easy category.
I lowered the neckline, as you can spot.

With this pattern, I have made my first fitted bodice + skirt bottom dress!

1. The Hubs said it looked like a school uniform :D
2. An invisible zipper would have been nice, but I used what I had on hand. Nothing a cardigan can't hide.
3. Garment-making is apparently all about technique and precision! After making this dress, I found myself searching for tracing wheels and papers.
Thanks to sellers on Etsy, I bought myself vintage tracing papers and wheels.
I can't wait for March (!), so I can finish the other 7 segments to the Craftsy course.


  1. I think it is gorgeous - that would totally be my style - I love the neck...only I'd maybe worry about my beef arms with the shoulders but oh well!! I wish I could make dresses! There is a girl who's just set up a dressmaking shop down the road from me and she is charging from £40 + to make a

  2. Perfect for a party with some Juanita Tortilla's jewellery!

  3. Replies
    1. Hey, nothing compared to your African print dress!!! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hee... Thanks. Wore it with a cardigan :D

  5. Oh my word. You made that?! I am speechless.

  6. Wow, Juanita! It looks very very good! I'm glad you are enjoying sewing:) Keep it up! And how is your Deutsch, you must be done with it now, right?

  7. It is a darling dress, Juanita!


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