Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holiday Sewing #1: New Look Easy 6359

With school out of the way, I was eager to see to one of my goals for the year.
Sew a garment!
This was what I got up to in the first few days of Christmas/New Year's break.

1. Use a piece of batik cloth.
2. Sew properly, i.e. follow a sewing pattern.
3. Acquire a new technique with this project.

Materials and Methods:
1. One piece of batik cloth: 1.7m long by 1.2m wide.
2. New Look Easy 6359 vintage sewing pattern.

27.Dec.11 Holiday sewing

27.Dec.11 Holiday sewing

27.Dec.11 Holiday sewing

27.Dec.11 Holiday sewing

27.Dec.11 Holiday sewing

1. Material
The batik cloth came with size limitations. While it was too much for a blouse, it was just right for a short dress or tunic. I wanted to use as much of it as possible, hence the batik neckline, sleeve borders, and big pockets.
I have little bits of plain white scraps left, as well as some self-made biased tape of this purple print.

2. The Sewing Pattern
New Look Easy 6359 pattern was selected, as a tunic with sleeves would have been nice. It also let me use up as much of the batik material as possible.
With this pattern, I have learnt how to set in sleeves.

1. The resulting tunic -- of supposedly my size -- turned out too big. The pleats at the front and back of the neckline were the consequence. Perhaps I measured myself wrongly :D
It's still wearable. One of my following tasks would be to learn how to fix patterns.
2. The inside seams were all serged/overlocked and tidy. Hooray!
3. I am pleased about meeting all the Objectives of this project.


  1. Well done you, I like it a lot! I must get back to attempting to sew clothes after my first success last summer as I still have yards of African fabric to use up

  2. It's not the tunic which is're too tiny and skinny!!!

  3. I really like it .. reminds me of a hot summer !

  4. Hi Juanita!
    Happy New Year! School out of the way-hoorahh!! Looks like you made a fab job of that tunic - pretty brave of you to use a patterned fabric....Well done!
    p.s. sewing still brings me out in a cold sweat.....:(


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