Saturday, December 10, 2011

Staying Put This December

Driving home. We live outside the city.

Hello again!

The past few weeks have been hectic. One minute we're here, the next minute we're not.
For the month of December, it's nice to be home, and stay home.

I can't believe the year is soon over.
But where's this snow that I've been promised?!? It's way overdue!


  1. beautiful picture !
    Pls don't cry for snow ... maybe you will get tooooo many !

  2. We haven't seen you on blogland for a while and I was wondering where you got to. I am actually glad there is no snow around, am not a big fan but what are that wind and rain all about?

  3. Liebe Juanita
    ein sehr schönes Bild einer (wie ich bisher immer fand) ziemlich hässlichen Strasse. Vielleicht solltest du einen kleinen Bildband über unsere schöne Gemeinde machen ;)

    keep creative

  4. You know what's odd? (Following up on our twitter-versation.) I love rain. Yet when it freezes I hate snow. I'm a spoiled Virginian. ;)

    I cannot wait for college to be done this semester- this is my last weekend of college for the year. That makes me dance for joy. Here's to the month getting less hectic!

  5. Everybody is complaining about the lack of snow this year and I cannot believe you're one of them, LOL!
    Fingers crossed it won't stop me :)


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