Monday, December 12, 2011

My Morning Route in the City

Here's a peek into my morning route.

7:30 - 8:00:
Let's catch a ride with the Hubs and head into Zürich.

Hop off the car, and start the walk, downhill. Easy, easy.

It's a downward path through a mini tunnel and steps.

Here's a church I pass every morning.
Never figured what it is.

Down and down with more steps. Whoopee!

I steal 2 seconds to treat my eyes with these colours.
And then I remind myself that my Hobby Time will resume, one day.

We hit the heart of the city now: the Hauptbahnhof is up ahead.

But first, we cross a bridge.

What a glorious Friday.

Now we face the sea of happy people.

Hey look, we're on time, at 8:00 in the sea of happy people.

We surface up onto the street, where commuters decide it is time for their cigarette.

Sometimes, I try to grab a 20 Minuten without disrupting the flow of traffic,
or walking into an angry person a happy person.

Then I make a 5-second detour into this tiny greenery.
Seems like the only patch of the city where I'm not drowning in secondhand smoke, in the morning.

Here's something unusual.
MacDonald's. (Kidding.)
Christmas stalls.

Do people remember telephone numbers by heart anymore?

First to get in class, and enough time to catch my breath :D

9.Dec.11 My morning's route to class.

What's your morning route like?


  1. Quite some gymnastik in the morning for you ! Good that the beadshop only opens at 10am ... otherwhise you might tempted ;-)
    I enjoyed your morning walk with
    these pictures !

  2. Lovely morning walk! Love the steps! Ok... when it's routine maybe you don't enjoy it so much anymore, but it looks so much calmer than Turin and other big Italian cities!
    That bead shop must be amazing!!!!
    Hehehe need some German Nachhilfeunterricht? ;D LOL!
    Happy learning, Juanita! :)

  3. Nice to see your morning route in these pictures and also to see a little bit of Zurich again!

  4. We visited Zurich a while back and I think I recognise that Bead Shop! Thanks for taking us along on your early morning journey! G

  5. Wow - that's a great way to give us a glimpse of your rotine around the town! Mine really varies - I'm only out early one morning each week, although I have occasional other early mornings too (tomorrow will be one of them, braving loads of traffic on the perépheriqe into Toulouse).

  6. I know that walk! Is that German classes you are going to? I'd like to take photos of my morning commute to work in Bern but I can already imagine myself with one excited dog (Alf comes to work with me)in the middle of rush hour traffic in the middle of the train station trying to take'd be very acrobatic!

  7. I enjoyed seeing this - it is fun! But class? I've obviously forgot - why are you in class? xxx

  8. See of happy people...jaja. :D hallo!

  9. Such a lovely way to visit Zurich through your eyes! ..he won't take long for mine :D

  10. Liebe Juanita
    tolle Idee! Ich werde versuchen, meinen Weg zu photographieren.
    Ehrlichgesagt mag ich Zürich nicht besonders. Natürlich brauche ich es, ich kann alles dort kriegen. Aber die Leute sind wirklich extrem gestresst und mürrisch, besonders jetzt vor Weihnachten. In Zürich ist es immer hektisch. Und meiner Meinung nach zu wenig grün ;)
    Ich kann auch kaum Telefonnummern auswendig, du schon?
    Warum hast du keine Zeit mehr zum basteln? Leute wie wir brauchen das doch zum überleben....

    Liebe Grüsse

  11. Love this. I don't really have a route yet. My possible new school is accessible by bike when it's not winter. Chicago gets way colder and has much more snow then Zurich. I'm to much of a baby to ride in winter.

    I will say that I smell and walk through 90% less smoke when I'm out in Chicago. No smoke on the El platforms is pure bliss. Just in general walking on the main streets downtown it's hardly noticeable and not as many people smoking by the doors. Most places you need to stand 15 feet away from the doors! It's going to be awesome to actually sit outside at restaurants and cafes this summer and not be smoked on!

  12. Brilliant idea to document your everyday way to work/class. Does that mean you need to hike back up that hill at the end of the day? I love the comments about happy people and forgotten telephone numnbers. My morning route has led me past the Tour Eiffel for the last 3 months! Big change from Lugano!!!

  13. I always love reading your blogposts. And what great photos. So nice to know that you are enjoying life there.


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