Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy 4th Anniversary, Fluffy!

25.Sep.11 New Jersey

On this day in 2007, SAVE (an animal shelter in Princeton, NJ) brought a few cats to this PetSmart, to have them up for adoption. By chance, Hubs and I happened to go into this PetSmart after lunch, just to see some animals. Going to pet shops or pet-sitting was one of favourite past-time, as we didn't have a pet for a 3 years, then.

I was drawn to a really, very unhappy, fluffy Ragdoll sleeping in the bottom cage. He didn't open his eyes.
I was also drawn to a really, very sociable de-clawed tabby cat at a top cage. He played with us!

Normally, we walk out of the shops after having had my fill of "cat time". But this time, Hubs said we *needed* to take one home. That's true, we had to.

DSC03645 DSC03648

That was how Fluffy spent his first evening with us -- hiding. Look at how young, slim, and handsome he was as a 3-year-old :D We did not change his name; Fluffy is Fluffy.

P.S. He was given up to the shelter on his 3rd birthday. How heartbreaking is that?


  1. a nice birthday present !
    ps : we all look ever looked young, slim and
    handsome ;-)

  2. Happy birthday to you and Fluffy! How could anyone part with such a gorgeous guy?!

  3. Cute story. We headed to the PetSmart last week to have "cat time" too. haha. Can't bring one home yet though.

  4. check out those eyes! gorgeous boy.

    happy birthday, buddy.


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