Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brussels + Ostend! Day 2

20.Oct.11 Oostende

20.Oct.11 Oostende

20.Oct.11 Oostende

Day 2 in Belgium was certainly the highlight of the trip:
It required an easy, morning train ride out of Brussels to reach the 60km beach otherwise known as Oostende.

Brussels Sprouts aside, the real agenda was to meet up with blogger-friend, Sandra.
And waffles. I have my priorities.
20.Oct.11 Brussels

Don't we all enjoy these from-internet-to-reality meet-ups?

Sandra is as cheerful and warm as she sounds.( I'm sure you all know of her, Sandra of zsazsazsu! )
We walked, we ate, exchanged gifts, talked about craft like most craft-bloggers do, and cats. Cats!
Sandra showing me around the tourist spots of Oostende was the bonus.

After an eventful day with Sandra, I made it back to Brussels for dinner.
That evening, was I on another mission: To hunt for the much-famed Manneken Pis.
The hotel we were in was flooded with copies of the Manneken Pis, but I really wanted to see the "real" one, just for kicks. After all, I had the license to be a tourist.

20.Oct.11 Brussels

Day 2 in Brussels / Oostende:
1. Finally met up with Sandra, yay! It was from her that I learnt there are 2 types of waffles...
2. Taxi-ed to and from the Grand Place for dinner. My purse went 'ouch...'.
3. Saw the Manneken Pis. He's not the real copy, but I'm satisfied.
4. Plotted my next attempt for a Luikse waffle.


  1. a great post ! We will have to do this over again for sure !

  2. Waffles!!! Glad you're having fun! You made me wish for a second that I was still living in Germany...but just for a second. :P

  3. I heard about your trip on Sandra's blog and must admit I was very jealous, especially since I looove Tintin!. All your photos look fab and make me want to go on a long weekend away!

  4. Glad you finally got to meet Sandra! And it looks like you had a fun-packed day!

  5. Oh what a whirl-wind of a trip! it all sounds beautiful and looks delicious!


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